Hi future weds,

The first thing that comes to your mind once you say YES to your half is where are we going to be married?

My husband and I were thinking about the venue. Since my husband is from Croatia and me from France, we were thinking in which country we will celebrate our wedding. It was our main preoccupation. To make things easier for you, here are 10 tips on how to look for wedding venues:

1. Plan ahead. The most attractive wedding venues are booked up to 18 months in advance.

2. Pick your wedding date. Some prefer to get married on the day they met or they got engaged. The others pick a specific season or month without any specific date.

3. Choosing your wedding style will help you determine which venue is suitable for you.

4. Determine the region or country where you want to celebrate your wedding.

5. Estimate the number of guests. All venues cannot accommodate the same number of guests. If in doubt, always start with a lower number of guests.

6. Determine the budget allocated to the venue with your fiancé.

7. Search the venues in the dedicated websites and privilege the word of mouth.

8. Check out the wedding blogs, photographer blogs and wedding planner websites to see real wedding scenes in your interested venues. It will give you a realistic overview of your wedding.

9. Visit the venues and take pictures and videos so you can go through them at home.

10. Prepare a list of questions for the vendor.