Today’s wedding is absolutely beautiful and takes place at the amazing Fort George on Vis Island (Croatia). The story of this lovely couple is magical. I will let Fatime, our gorgeous bride talk about it:

‘’I know it may sound weird that two soulmates can meet in a night club at a trance party, where usually no one talks to each other, but it really is possible. Exactly these two weird soulmates are now the happiest Mr and Mrs on the whole planet…or, we love to believe we are. Back in 2010, even 6 months after I (Fatime) had moved from Bosnia to an Austrian village as au pair, my host family was still trying to motivate me to go out on my own. After so many failed tries, on the 14.8.2010, I finally decided to take the last train from the country side to Vienna and to return back with the first one in the morning. I went to my favourite club which I loved so much, because it was a club with a planetarium where you could sit and enjoy watching the stars when you got tired from dancing. I came to the club with a great wish to dance all night long. Even though a few people tried to talk to me, my answer was always the same “I´m here to dance”. But then, at some point, this cute guy I had noticed in the que in front of the club, he came to me and we simply started dancing. It felt so normal that one would think we had known each other forever. And I do like to think our souls had been together for much longer before we even met each other. It was such a memorable night I can still remember almost every single detail about it. At some point both of us got tired from dancing and went to find a nice place to sit in the planetarium to watch the stars. We stayed there for hours without really talking to each other, but it simply felt like the right thing to do. Unfortunately, we were “kicked out” from the planetarium around 5am and we had another hour to spend together before my train left Vienna. Somehow I managed to give him a wrong phone number and a day after that was the first time I was incredibly thankful for having such a rare name, which made it easy for him to find me on Facebook J. From then on, it all went just perfect. We started dating on the 28.8.2010, which is still our anniversary day, because we got married on the same date this year. We never really used to talk about getting married, probably because we started living together in the fourth month of our relationship and it somehow felt like being married. If I was to say one thing I always loved and still adore about him…it would be him, being such a great dreamer. He always loved to talk about his great wish for traveling around the world once he finishes his master studies and somehow…that moment came so quickly and, suddenly, we were both packing our backpacks and getting ready for our big adventure. I couldn’t believe we were really going to be gone for about three months, on our own. And, even if it may sound like a big lie, I never, really never even thought he could be intending to propose on me on our trip. But, he was…and that was without any doubt, the most beautiful day in my life, until our wedding day. There are no words in any language I speak, which could explain my enthusiasm and happiness about getting married to a men a woman can only dream about. I enjoyed every single second of getting all done for our big day. We decided to exchange our wedding vows on the beautiful Croatian Island Vis which we loved it so much, because we had our most beautiful and memorable vacation there back in 2011. I was so happy for having the whole freedom of planning the wedding exactly the way I wanted it and that’s the way the wedding was in the end.’’

This beautiful bohemian wedding has been captured by the talented Danijela from OneDay Studio Weddings.

Photograph: OneDay Studio Weddings
Venue: Fort George
More about the venue



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