Today, we are quite excited to share the wedding of Kim and Paul in the city that I cherish particularly, Zagreb. Let the bride and the groom share with us the story of their wedding in Okrugljak restaurant; captured by Martina Skrobot photography.

 How did you meet?
We met when I was a baby because our parents were already close friends before we even existed. But during high school and starting university we didn’t see each other for about 10 years, and then one day we bumped into each other in town and decided to grab a coffee and talk about the good old times and what we have been up to for the past years. And that is basically how it started.

Tell us about the proposal?
The proposal was very intimate at home, just the two of us. It was one week before Christmas and we just bought our beautiful Christmas tree and put it up in our new apartment in the living room. I started decorating it, he was watching and enjoying. We had a good glass of prosecco and then when we were sitting on the couch enjoying the view he went down on one knee and popped the question all of a sudden.
I really did not expect it and loved that he chose our home to do it; and that it was just the two of us.

How did you choose the venue?
The venue was the hardest part. First we thought we should do the wedding in Austria, in our hometown, but we didn’t find anything that we liked. Then we looked at a few venues in Zagreb, where I go to Medical School, but we wanted to find one where we both entered and said “that’s it!” ….and we found that at Okrugljak.

How did you choose the wedding dress?
The wedding dress I chose was from a small store near my hometown (Brautgeflüster in Villach/Austria) and my girls (my sister, my cousins and my best friends and maid of honor) suprised me with it. My sister and cousins told me we would go for brunch, but we drove to the wedding dress store where my maid of honor and my other 2 best friends were already waiting. It was a big surprise!
I actually found my wedding dress in that first store that I went to, and I have to say I am very happy I did. Sometimes you are just overwhelmed by too many choices. That store did have a little bit of everything and that was exactly what I needed.

What advice would you give out to a couple planning their wedding?
I have definitely a few advices for couples who plan their wedding:
1. It is YOUR day, not the one of your mums or dads or anyone who tries to control or decide things. Remember that. It can be very emotional when everyone tries to give their opinion about things you chose.
2. Be rational about the budget. Find a few different venues and collect offers. The same applies for every other aspect (DJ/ or Band, decoration, photographer).
Of course in the end you chose what you liked the most, but it is very important that you stay rational about the money.
3. Don’t overwhelm your future husband. Mine for instance really wanted to be involved in all the planning, but it is better to give them a few choices to pick from. For instance: for the decoration I collected a lot of ideas from Pinterest, and then I actually created a hard-copy folder with it. I gave my better half a bunch of post-its and said “put them on everything you like” …he loved it.
4. Pinterest helped me a lot with planning, for decorative ideas, for photo ideas, for collecting advices about budgeting or things that I forgot to do yet.
5. During the wedding: the most important thing is that YOU TWO are together. It is your day! Don’t even try to talk to everyone, people who want to talk to you will come to you. You are the couple of the day.
6. Try to be rational about your guest list. There is no need to invite your mother’s second cousin that you have seen once in your life; or a school friend that you haven’t seen in 5 years. Prioritize.
7. For all the brides out there: on the wedding day you will be super excited. During your “getting ready” try to relax and just enjoy. There will be people calling you or your future hubby because of some “problems” they have. Hand your phone to your bridesmaids. YOU DONT NEED IT! Trust me, it is the best thing you can do because those problems will just make you nervous and annoyed. Your better half has all your friends’ numbers and can reach you that way. No one else needs to reach you right now. …oh and take a shot! haha honestly! I took a tiny shot before I left for church and it really helped because I was so excited that my heart nearly exploded.
8. Enjoy your first dance! And choose a song that YOU like and that fits you as a couple. We actually did not do the traditional Waltz that is done in Austria because a slow dance is just not US. We picked ACDC because it is our song and we knew we would have fun with it and enjoy every minute.

What are the most memorable moments of your wedding?
When i entered the church and looked at him. When you just look at each other and know: This is the day! This is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with!
Our first dance definitely!
…and we actually exchanged our vows the night before the wedding. I loved it! Just the two of us. We were in our room, sat down and told each other why we want to get married to the other and what we promise. It was a very special moment.


Venue: Okrugljak restaurant
Bridal dress: Boutique Brautgefluster
Makeup: Matea Music
Hair: Marija Martinovic
Decration: Pixy with love
Photography: Martina Skrobot photography

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