Good afternoon my dear readers. We are really thrilled to share this lovely boutique of wedding dresses in Paris with you.

Recently founded by Samir and Ilhem, Pandore is your new address for wedding dress in Paris. The duo is willing to “re-enchant” the wedding dress; both believe that choosing a dress is like a second fairytale.  In other words, its like a magical encounter between you and the gown, a love at first sight, but this time between the bride and the dress!

After traveling throughout Europe and the United States, the founders of Pandore unearthed gems made from noble material.

For the duo, the Pandore women “is between 20 and 35 years old with strong convictions. She refuses to allow herself to be disguised. Without discarding the traditional concept of marriage, she enjoyed to renew its codes”.

After reading this post, I am sure, you will be very curious to push the door and discover the boutique in the heart of Batignoles, where a unique experience is awaiting you.

My brides-to-be, have a look at their lovely website to book an appointment and get ready to fall in love a second time!

Photography: Pierrick Patarin

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